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Hello, I am Peter Jung, a physicist from Cologne University.

Only a couple of days ago I got very much interested in the Cube. At wikipedia I found a note that the diameter of the Cube group is not yet known, and a link to this site.

Great work!

Sniffing into the problem, it seems to be quite complex. But some ideas that came to me these days I could not find. That's the purpose of this visit: To ask whether attempts have been made along these lines of thought, and if so, what is the outcome. And if not, I would like to contribute some analysis.

Upgraded to php 4.4.1 last (all) night

Your sysadmin was rather adventurous last night. Both Apache and php were upgraded. One of more interesting things admins see is clever hacking attempts. Someone managed to get an executable into the /tmp directory of the server via wget. The program then proceeded to spawn copies of itself in memory. I'm pretty sure it was an attack on drupal so a drupal upgrade may be in the cards. How they managed to run wget on my machine without a login I don't understand. I'll be watching the processes on the server closely...

Let me know if anything is broken.

Router causing Intermittent problems

The router for the server was acting up and I had to reflash it. Please let me know if there are any other problems. admin mail

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Google canned search" Many on the links from earlier posts are no longer active.
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