Blogs is once again active

Hi folks,

These old URLs should all work now:


Remember to use

Hi folks,

This is a notice that will probably stop working tomorrow. Please use instead.

The similar should also work.

More news to come soon.

Finally hitting depth 13 consistently with my 5x5x5 solver

It finally occurred to me why my hash table was sometimes not finding the shortest solutions 100% of the time. When I upgraded my computer to one with 128 GB of RAM, I had enough to load more positions into RAM. The number of hash table entries exceeded 4.2 billion, which is more than 32 bits. I never adjusted all of my access code to use 64-bit indices which were now necessary. All I had to do was change the data type, and, lo and behold, it found a 13-move solution to this arrangement, which previously it was reporting required 14 moves!

A very happy day for me.

IP address for forum changed to

Hi folks,

My upstream has changed my ip address so now the numeric ip is All the links should work as before once all the dns changes have propagated.

Cube archives changed

To improve security I've removed ftp access from the forum. We'll use http instead of ftp. I've also moved the Thistlethwaite files over so they can be accessed by http as well.

Router Problem

There was a router problem last night, possibly due to memory corruption. I disconnected and reset everything on the router and DSL modem and now it's working again.

Sorry about the outage. Just letting everyone know that the forum is still alive :)


Old Domain Names now restored

Hi Everybody,

I've re-activated the old domain names and so all the old links to the Domain of the Cube forum should be working now.

Now that I've thought about it more it actually feels good to get the original URL working again.

You can all thank Tom for coaxing me into it. I still wish could have helped us more, but I guess you get what you pay for.


Domain name changed (again)

Hi folks,

I'm reverting back to

The other URLs should also work but this one is the canonical URL for the cube forum.

Note that it should also be possible to access the forum directly via


3x3x3 edges only calculations restored

I restored Tom's 3x3x3 edge only calculations from 2004 back to the God's Algorithm Calculations file. It was the waybackmachine to the rescue this time. Somehow the newer version of the file was overwritten. Hopefully it will be updated again soon.

Back from the Brink

Well, the server had a hard drive failure and I decided that it was time for an operating system upgrade. Unfortunately in the last 9 years everything had changed, e.g. the new versions of php and drupal and mysql were all incompatible with the old versions, and in various ways.

You can imagine my horror when I realized just how much work would be involved in salvaging the forum and make it usable again. I thought all I could do is make the drupal mysql file available to the web and figure out a way of upgrading later.

Finally as a last ditch effort I remembered the Ultimate Boot CD which has a hard drive cloning program and it was able to copy all the sectors still readable to another hard drive. The fact that the critical files were readable and there were multiple kernels bootable on the old failing hard drive was enough to get the server to at least boot, and I was able to restore the last missing files from another backup.
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