Finally hitting depth 13 consistently with my 5x5x5 solver

It finally occurred to me why my hash table was sometimes not finding the shortest solutions 100% of the time. When I upgraded my computer to one with 128 GB of RAM, I had enough to load more positions into RAM. The number of hash table entries exceeded 4.2 billion, which is more than 32 bits. I never adjusted all of my access code to use 64-bit indices which were now necessary. All I had to do was change the data type, and, lo and behold, it found a 13-move solution to this arrangement, which previously it was reporting required 14 moves!

A very happy day for me.

13 move solution to 2-centers swap

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My 5x5x5 Brute Force Solver now available for download

I am making two versions of my 5x5x5 Brute Force solver available for download.

Requires 2 GB of RAM

Requires 11 GB of RAM

Each will find brute force solutions of "algorithm" length pretty quickly. The more RAM, the quicker the solution.

The program reads an external text file describing the sticker colors, and starts solving right away.

It will search until every solution is found, writing the solutions on screen and in a text file.

Let me know if you have any problems with it.

Faster versions exist if you have a machine with 128 GB of RAM.