My diploma thesis - Human method evaluator

Recently I finished my diploma thesis. It's about Hume, a program I wrote for evaluating human solving methods for twisty puzzles. The main goal is to let the user describe a method in a minimal way so that new method ideas can be tested quickly and with ease. The program fills in all the dirty work. So far it's less powerful than I'd like it to be, but I'm happy with what I got from it so far, and I'm happy with my thesis (my professor liked it very much, too, which made me even happier). The thesis is online now, the program will follow soon:


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Congrats, Stefan! It's nice

Congrats, Stefan!
It's nice the thesis is in English.

Nice for us Americans, anyway

Nice for us Americans, anyway.

Well-written thesis; I enjoyed reading it. Have you already had your defense?


I don't think there'll be a defense. German diploma is roughly equivalent to a masters degree, it's not a doctoral dissertation or so. My supervising professor already decided on the grade (he liked it very much) and while I'll give a talk on it in a seminar soon, I don't think that one matters.

And yes, of course I had the international cubing community in mind when I decided to write in English. Same reason my homepage is English - writing German would be a waste. Also, I'm so used talking/writing about cubing in English that it might've actually been harder to do in German.