Drupal database corrupted

Sorry folks, I've been very busy lately and I just noticed the mysql database was badly corrupted on Sept. 6th, 2009. The database is updated daily, but all the backups on Sept. 6th and after are unusable. I think the only post lost was Tom Rokicki's.

I try my best to make sure everything is working but this one slipped through the cracks. Somehow the mysql database ballooned in size to over 2 gigabytes. After that happened the subsequent databases were not backed up correctly.

It would be a good idea for any posts to be buffered in some way before uploading to the forum, especially long ones.

Thanks everyone,

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mysql database attacked again

The database was attacked again and bad stuff was added on March 13th 2010. I have reverted back to March 12th's backup. Bruce's last message was the only casualty, sorry Bruce!

Please remember if you are posting a substantial message to keep a copy for yourself for safety reasons.


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