Upgraded to php 4.4.1 last (all) night

Your sysadmin was rather adventurous last night. Both Apache and php were upgraded. One of more interesting things admins see is clever hacking attempts. Someone managed to get an executable into the /tmp directory of the server via wget. The program then proceeded to spawn copies of itself in memory. I'm pretty sure it was an attack on drupal so a drupal upgrade may be in the cards. How they managed to run wget on my machine without a login I don't understand. I'll be watching the processes on the server closely...

Let me know if anything is broken.

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I noticed that the Hexadecimal Sudo-Kube posting to this forum included images. I have from time to time wished to include images with a posting, but wasn't sure how to do it. Well, I know how to put an image on my own Web site and then to link to that image from within a posting to this forum. That's what the Hexadecimal Sudo-Kube puzzle posting did.

The trouble with that approach is that if the Web site containing the image ever went away or changed addresses, then the posting to this forum would no longer have the image. The only way to be sure that the image will remain with the original posting is to store the image somehow or other on this forum. Is that possible?


Images on server

If anyone wants to put images for the cube forum on the main server I can give them a free coppermine account:

Picture Gallery

Send requests to: cubeman@cubezzz.homelinux.org

This seems to happen to these

This seems to happen to these types of forums quite frequently. I'd recommend as much as possible keeping frequent backups somewhere, and as much as possible be comfortable with wiping the machine and installing everything from scratch. This is a great resource and I'd hate for it to disappear.

By the way, is there an easy way to see if there are any new comments, even in some of the older articles?

I make monthly backups

...but I'm going to start doing weekly backups. There is a way to let users track new events but when I turned it on something very bad happened and messed up the site. Fortunately I made a backup immediately before I changed the modules. Looks like I may have to setup a test site to figure out what went wrong. Your comment about backups is well taken and this site exists largely because I was worried about the original cube-lovers archives disappearing.

Rest assured I have many backups of this site. Soon I will post the mysql backups on the net. Once I am sure it won't break anything I'll turn tracking on for users. Until then just do a quick scan through the pages and the new articles should have a red "new" to the top right.