Do we have a 3x3x3 optimal solver for stm metric?

I thought it might be interesting to run an optimal solver using the slice turn metric (including face turns) on some pretty patterns. I don't remember anyone releasing an optimal solver that uses stm but maybe there is one by now?

Also is it true we don't know if using slice turns plus face turns could reduce God's Number from 20 to less than 20?

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stm solver

Walter Randelshofer gives STM solutions for many of the pretty patterns in his database: Randelshofer's Site

Most of these are attributed to Kociemba. I've never used it but Kociemba's Cube Explorer may include an STM solver.

STM in Cube Explorer

Yes it includes an STM solver, two-phase and also optimal. Select Options|Allow slice moves.

stm solver

My cube simulation can do stm solutions. It's available on the Mac App Store:
The Cube app