The Special Prize of the Skewb Star Special Challenge/Competition of 14 June has been won but the challenge is still open

The winner of the Skewb Star competition posted here on 14 June is Jakub Stepo, who is
a member of the Cube Forum

The Special Prize has of course been sent to Mr. Stepo, but I would like to stress that the
challenge is still open and that everyone who sends in the correct answers by let´s say 31 December
2019 will have their names published here, as soon as the answers are received

After the tentative closing date of 31 December 2019, I was thinking of publishing here all the
actual worked solutions that may have been sent to me, and in this connection I can reveal ahead of time
that Jakub Stepo´s elegant and powerful solution will certainly be of great interest to Cube Forum
members and visitors