Proposed solutions to the Wolf Tooth Xtreme and Skewb Star Xtreme

This post is a follow-up to my posts of 13 August 2019, ”Bonus Problem”, and 26 September 2019 , ”The latest on the Bonus Problem”

Just to quickly recap: the problem in question was to find the best way to solve the custom hybrid cubes, the Wolf Tooth Xtreme and the Skewb Star Xtreme, which together constituted the Special Prize of the Skewb Star Special Challenge/Competition posted here on 14 June 2019

The top four pages of the presentation here show the state of affairs at the time of the 13 August 2019 post, a state of affairs which was subsequently summarized in the first paragraph of the 26 September 2019 post; in the rest of that post I then outlined, without going into detail, a practical improvement to the previous ”standard method” and added at the end that ”it remains to be shown formally exactly why the improved system described above works”

In the bottom two pages of the presentation I have now described the improved system in detail, and also endeavoured to answer the question of exactly why it works; this having been said, the explanation is of course still not maximally formalized