Solving the Rubik's Cube in Sub 13 Algs, BLD!

Ok, this method is called Simul Block, or Shotgun. It's a very powerful bld method, using 8 new algs, and putting some old algs to new uses, or using uncommon variations of a common algorithm.

This is an advanced version of Pochmann, the method has three key steps.

Solve the F/B face + 1 S Edge (the UL as Default)
Roux Cycle the last three edges
Parity Fix.

The parity is something common in bld, so most of you will laugh at this. My method never encounters the 2 Corner 2 Edge swap parity, because that's what my system is based on.

It's something that 4 Step Solvers encounter, and they deal w/ it first.

Here is an example solve, ten algs to solve the cube.
U' D2 L' F' D R' B2 F L' R2 F2 L' B U2 D2 R B' L U2 F L U B2 L2 B
M F2 [y'(r2)U2R'FRU2(r2)FLF'L'y] F2 M'
M2 L' [l2)U2LF'L'U2(l2)F'R'FR] L M2
M' D' [y'(r2)U2R'FRU2(r2)FLF'L'y] D M
DMD'L2 [L'U'LF2R'DR'D'R2F2] L2 DM'D'
E' D2 [U2(r2)U'FU(r2)U2FUF'U'] D2 E
F [L'U'LF2R'DR'D'R2F2] F'
S2, y, x
U2 M' U2 M

The solve before this it took 9 algs.

I'm releasing the details to individuals first, but letting the public know that it's possible to solve the cube very fast, and not having to learn COEOCPEP.

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No offense, but you honestly

No offense, but you honestly sound like a professional advertiser.

That's a good thing though, R

That's a good thing though, Ravi. Any how I have just spent the last hour trying all the different ways to do this and find all the typos in the solution. For certain there is at least one typo there, because I perform it as is and it does not work.

One of the more dubious lines:
should probably be more like:
the first lone M should be an M' I suspect.

Also I don't know what you meant by "S2, y, x", because that could be dipping into "conjugation notaiton" or "commutation notation". Pauses are usually denoted by either a '.' or '-'. These pauses are used interchangable although technically, I would use a '.' for a non-obvious pause between phases (esp computer program phases) and a '-' for a more obvious stop between steps or a merging of two irreducible sequences as well as doing things like "(F'-F)".

I know almost all of those algs, or at least the case that the alg solves for, so this wouldn't be too hard for me to learn if more details where released. Pretty interesting for sure.

Could you please go through and double check the solution and validate it so that ppl don't start gettign angery at you.


p.s. this is my first post here, I am the same Doug that went to Nationals06 and moderates the yahoo forum