Policy Change for New Accounts

Due to the constant spamming I have changed the access rules for new accounts. From now on new users must email cubexyz at gmail dot com and explain why they want an account here. A short note on your specific interests on Rubik's Cube and math should be sufficient.

Also the ban on gmail has been lifted. Sorry for the trouble, but deleting spam entries got tiresome.


Clarification on how to contact the admin

To contact the admin of this site send emails to: cubexyz at gmail dot com

I've added a link to Martin's indexed cube lovers archive. Also searches for non-authenticated users will now work.

Site URL changed

I was forced to update the URL of the site this morning. saw fit to shut down access from the domain and I had to scramble to switch the site over to the allowed free domain name.

The new URL is

Note that the numeric ip address will also work as I can't guarantee they won't make it necessary to switch to another service in the future as free services tend to disappear.

Let me know at cubexyz at gmail dot com if anything is broken.

Please update your links accordingly.

Banning gmail

We are getting tons of bogus accounts from bots using gmail as an email address so I decided to ban signups from using gmail. Old accounts already using gmail will still work. If anyone really wants to get an account using a gmail email address send me an email explaining why you want to join (so I know it's not bot).

Send messages to the admin via cubexyz at gmail dot com


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Drupal database corrupted

Sorry folks, I've been very busy lately and I just noticed the mysql database was badly corrupted on Sept. 6th, 2009. The database is updated daily, but all the backups on Sept. 6th and after are unusable. I think the only post lost was Tom Rokicki's.

I try my best to make sure everything is working but this one slipped through the cracks. Somehow the mysql database ballooned in size to over 2 gigabytes. After that happened the subsequent databases were not backed up correctly.

It would be a good idea for any posts to be buffered in some way before uploading to the forum, especially long ones.

Inappropriate links

Any inappropriate link (i.e. not math and/or puzzle related) will be deleted. I'd like to keep the forum completely free of ads with the sole exception of ads for books about puzzles, or at least limited to materials appropriate for the site.

For newbies or younger readers:

If you find some of the posts are too difficult to understand please go ahead and ask questions! The people here are willing to help explain things.


Drupal database problem

Folks, I'm in the middle of fighting with the drupal database. While trying to add the ability to contact the admin I managed to mess up the database in some way. As a result I'm reverting the database back to 5 am this morning and anything added after that won't show up.

I'm going to add in the ability for anonymous users to read all the posts and comments but they won't be able to post. A new drupal is in the cards but the problem is transferring all the info from the old drupal to the new is rather difficult.

I'm going to try to add in the lost posts later tonight. Sorry for the trouble everyone, but I'm still learning the idiosyncrasies of drupal. Turning on the menu module was the cause of the trouble and I won't be touching that particular part again :-/

First Post, General Puzzle Solving


A quick introduction: I'm Robert Smith, I'm 18, and I live in the US. I used to be quite into speedcubing, starting around 2003, but I have since moved into the more "theoretical" aspects of the cube. I also like mathematics, and, fortunately, programming. Anyway, that's that.

I have been writing a "general puzzle solver," whose goal is to be able to solve any (permutation) puzzle with (almost) any method. Quite quickly, we see there are definitely limits to this (e.g., we couldn't solve any scrambled 10x10x10 cube in a single phase). But, if some certain requirements are met, solving any puzzle should be an ability with this program.

Upgraded to apache 2.2.9 and php 4.4.9

Did another long overdue upgrade with apache and php. There's tons of new exploits so it has to be done. We were down for about an hour. Looks like everything still works :)

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